Women's Leadership Confidence - 5 Steps to Success for Women in Business

Elevating Women Leaders and Women Entrepreneurs with Leadership Skills and Confidence

Welcome to the Women's Leadership Confidence free webinar on the '5 Steps to Success for Women Leaders in Business". You will learn the five transforming leadership steps every career women and women entrepreneur needs to elevate her influence, income, and impact. This provides an overview of women's leadership skills that will empower women to advance their careers, step into leadership roles, grow their business, and build confidence.

It is lead by Women's Leadership Coach and certified Confidence Coach, Jody Kennett who has worked with large global companies, hundreds of entrepreneurs building their business, and is on a mission to elevate women in business. She will be highlighting how you can go deeper into each of these steps and skills and apply them to your own career and business. For further information or to learn more about the next step, visit: https://jodykennett.teachable.com/p/womens-leadership-confidence/?preview=logged_out

Your Instructor

Jody Kennett
Jody Kennett

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