Welcome and What to Expect

Welcome to the Great Communication course where you will learn the neuroscience of how to communicate with others and build connection, trust, and partnering. This course covers the foundations of C-IQ or Conversational Intelligence along with how to apply it in your every day conversations. Each lesson builds sequentially upon the last and therefore it is best to learn these in the order they are presented. C-IQ is obviously fantastic for leaders and managers, but it is equally valuable for all of us to use at home and in our personal relationships.

You will see there are videos, downloadable handouts, and take action challenges where you can apply what you have learned. I highly recommend doing the take action exercises because it is when we apply and implement what we have learned, that we not only gain knowledge, but mastery.

Upon course completion, you will receive a certificate you can add to your resume.

Let's begin!

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